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Porsche 961
Porsche 961
Jahr/Year 1986
Motor/Engine 6 Zyl./Cyl. Boxer/Flat Turbo
Hubraum/Displacement 2.847 ccm
Leistung/Power 640 PS/hp (471 kW) @7.800/min
Gewicht/Weight 1150 kg
Vmax 340 km/h/kph

The first all-wheel-drive race car at Le Mans was a Porsche. The type 961 was based on the Porsche 959. In January 1986 three of these high performance sports cars had demonstrated outstanding reliability and speed, finishing first, second and sixth at the Paris-Dakar marathon rally. Now the technologically-pioneering sports car tackled the toughest long distance race in the world. Racing the 961 at Le Mans underscored the performance of technologies that the 959 would feature for road use – from all-wheel drive over sequential turbocharging of the 2.85-litre engine to the new six-speed gearbox, which was built in a near-standard spec, as were the brake callipers. The engine put out 640 hp which was around 200 hp more the its standard equivalent, thanks to increased boost and an altered mapping of the engine electronics. The body was slightly modified for Le Mans with a large adjustable rear wing and additional air inlets for the engine and transmission cooling. While the 959 was being built at Porsche, the 961 finished in seventh overall amongst the sports prototypes at Le Mans and won class. A year later a 680 hp 961 came back to the Sarthe but was sidelined after an accident. Still, even this short outing proved a success for Weissach’s R&D engineers, as the rolling lab, dubbed 961, delivered a stream of data that went straight into every sports car made by Porsche.

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